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COVID 19 Information

Post-COVID Syndrome Service

The Post-COVID Syndrome Service (PCSS) at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) brings together a multi-disciplinary team of expert health professionals to help those who are suffering from Post-COVID Syndrome to improve their physical and psychological wellbeing, and daily functioning.

The PCSS will work with people to find ways to manage persisting symptoms to discover what changes can be made to help make a meaningful difference to their quality of life.

The service is now open to adults registered with a GP in the areas of Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Bolton or Wigan, alongside all Trust staff.

The service accepts self-referrals or referrals from other health professionals. The service will be available to those who are:

  • living with the lasting effects and significant impact of a probable COVID-19 infection on physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and/or daily functioning (including cognitive function);
  • feeling low, anxious or otherwise finding it difficult to adjust to their experience of COVID-19;
  • over the age of 18;
  • registered with a GP in Manchester, Wigan, Salford, Bolton or Trafford. 

For more information, please visit:

Covid-19 Vaccination Pass

From 17 May 2021, people in England who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can demonstrate their vaccination status for international travel. A full course is currently two doses of the Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine, or one dose of the Janssen single-dose vaccine. Vaccine status will be available through the NHS COVID Pass service from:

  • the NHS App which you can download from app stores
  • the NHS website
  • 119 - by requesting a paper letter

You will need to register to use the online services, if you have not already. It may take more than a week for your identity to be checked and verified.

If you cannot access the online services, and you have had both doses of the vaccine, you can request a paper letter from the NHS by calling 119. Only call 119 if you are due to travel outside the UK in the near future and have had your second dose (or one dose of the Janssen single-dose vaccine) more than 5 working days ago. It may take up to 7 working days for the letter to arrive.

This practice is not able to provide you with a letter that shows your COVID-19 vaccination status. Please do not contact the practice about your COVID-19 vaccination status unless you have been advised to by the 119 service.

When you're planning your travel, you should check the latest information on demonstrating your COVID-19 status when travelling abroad on the website. Make sure there is enough time to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status before you are due to travel.

New Islington Medical Practice - Updated 24.06.2020



Greater Manchester is currently a High alert level area. Please visit to see all the most recent restrictions and guidelines, last updated 12th October 2020


ALL STAFF at the practice have been made aware of government and local guideline in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Please note that our staff have the right to work free from abuse, harassment or bullying. The surgery has a ZERO Tolerance policy which is still in effect during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Our staff will abide by the government advice, policies and procedures which include self-isolation if showing symptoms of the virus, this may mean that we have some staff shortages and things may take a little longer to process. The practice is doing all it can to keep staff and patients safe during this time.


People are exempt if:

  • They have a disability or health condition that means they cannot put a covering on
  • A covering will cause them severe distress or anxiety
  • They need to communicate with someone who relies on lip reading
  • They have a reasonable need to eat, drink or take medicine

There is no requirement to obtain evidence in the form of a letter from a doctor or government that you are exempt. If you have a condition which means you cannot wear a face covering you need only advise if asked that you cannot wear a face covering because you are exempt for one of the reasons listed above.  

Please see latest information

Face covering exemption: Download form (EXTERNAL LINK)  


Please see the latest information regarding Shielding

From 1 August the government will be advising that shielding will be paused. From this date, the government is advising you to adopt strict social distancing rather than full shielding measures. Strict social distancing means you may wish to go out to more places and see more people but you should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household or support bubble. In practice this means that from 1 August:

  • you can go to work, if you cannot work from home, as long as the business is COVID-safe
  • children who are clinically extremely vulnerable can return to their education settings if they are eligible and in line with their peers. Where possible children should practise frequent hand washing and social distancing
  • you can go outside to buy food, to places of worship and for exercise but you should maintain strict social distancing
  • you should remain cautious as you are still at risk of severe illness if you catch coronavirus, so the advice is to stay at home where possible and, if you do go out, follow strict social distancing

PREGNANCY and COVID 19 - advice for those working during the pandemic. (includes NHS workers) 

Please see link below


information can be found at the following link;

This link also provides information for those who are not HIGH RISK and required to Shield but also those at MODERATE RISK (Ashtma COPD Diabetic HF CKS and over 70's)


The practice is now able to attach a document to a text message for you to download to your phone. There is no need to attend the practice to collect documents.


All routine and urgent appointments are currently being transferred to telephone consultation where possible with both the GPs and Nurse. We have resumed most services, both face to face and over the telephone.


Please do not enter the building unless invited to by a GP or Nurse.

Repeat prescriptions can be emailed to the surgery at

Remember, before seeing the GP or nurse you will need to wash your hands.


The practice is doing its best to manage all prescription requests in a timely manner. Where possible the practice will authorise this month’s medication and a forward dated prescription for 4 weeks’ time directly to your chosen pharmacy.


It is advised that all patients have their medication sent electronically to their nominated pharmacy, please speak to your local pharmacy to sign up this service. When seeing or speaking to a doctor or nurse during a telephone call or appointment please check we have this information on our system (this can be changed at any time)


Please note that the practice WILL NOT prescribe an inhaler if not clinically required or if you are requesting it as a precaution in related to the coronavirus outbreak.

If you think you need an inhaler that you have not used for some time, please complete an online ASTHMA review online consultation by following this link:

You will then be contacted by the Nurse regarding your request.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we are having increasing requests for prescriptions of steroid inhalers. PLEASE NOTE: that steroid inhalers are helpful for symptoms of asthma such as wheeze and cough but are not used for viral infections. If your asthma is stable / well managed and you do not have symptoms then you do not need a steroid inhaler.  


The demand for paracetamol on prescription has also increased since the outbreak of coronavirus. Paracetamol is available over the counter. If you have not been prescribed paracetamol by the practice for pain or other reason recently then the GP / Nurse will review this request and decide according to your clinical need.




There is currently no strong evidence that ibuprofen can make coronavirus (COVID-19) worse.

But until we have more information, paracetamol would be more preferable to use for treatment of the symptoms of coronavirus, unless your doctor has told you paracetamol is not suitable for you or your child. If you or your child are already taking ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) on the advice of a doctor, do not stop taking it without checking first.


Please see the website for further information on self-isolation. GP Practices will not be issuing Fit notes for self-isolation.


Coronavirus England - Advice for Patients

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