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Doctors and Staff

Your practice team is here to help you


Dr W Ali  (Male)
Dr S Ayton (Female)
Dr B White (Male)
Dr T Tembo (Female)
Dr R Solanki (Female) 
Dr A Hassan (Female)

Practice Management Team

Dee Turner - Practice Business Manager

Ria Goodman - Deputy Practice Manager

Reception/Admin Team

Beth, Bianca, Daisy, Hamid, Janet, Katie D, Katie G, Kelly, Kerry, Michelle, Sharon, Wendy and Zubaida

Care Navigator 


Practice Nursing Team

Darryl Moloney

Katie Illingworth

Nicole Dennis

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Kayleigh Wright

Mental Health Nurse

Victoria Evans

Health Care Assistant

Kelly Beaver

Clinical Pharmacist 

Gabrielle Hoodless

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